Bangerz for Bubz

  • When: 3rd Mar 10:30am
  • Where: Gordon Pl Stage
  • Show map

A kaleidoscope of sonic adventures, Bangerz for Bubz is for all ages to enjoy. Retro 80s synthpop, chiptunes, vaporwave, bubblegum pop and hip hop, as well as Marika’s own baby, are all inspirations in these original bangerz, written, produced and performed live by Class War On The Dance Floor (Marika Pratley).

Class War On The Dance Floor has been making beats in Poneke for over 5 years, and performed at many festivals across Aotearoa, including Performance Arcade, Auckland Pride Festival, and previous Newtown Festivals. She started recording her debut album while she was pregnant, due to be released late 2024. She is also featured on Synthstrom compilation Release, an international record featuring Deluge compositions. Her first Bangerz for Bubz performance in 2023 had babies raving, with plans to do a full baby music festival in 2024.

Marika Pratley also freelances as a composer, having written award winning soundtracks for theatre, dance and film. She also performs in A Symphony of Sloths, Moody V and The Menstrual Cycle, with her sister Heleyni, and Reptilian Future Cops. She has toured and performed overseas, and also writes and presents about music, intersectional feminism and trauma recovery. In 2020 she was commissioned by Pyramid Club to produce Its Time To Slothersize, and in 2021 her and sister Heleyni Pratley recipients of Museum Wellington and Pyramid Club Thomas King observatory residency.