Elliot & Vincent

  • When: 3rd Mar 5:50pm
  • Where: Wilson St Stage
  • Show map

Elliot & Vincent are a two-piece drums and guitar band from Tamaki Makaurau, New Zealand. Elliot Finn (lead vocals, drums) and Vincent Cherry (guitar) were once casually asked by a friend if their non-existent “band” would play at a house party. They had no songs and only one week to write them. Equipped with Vincent’s Japanese lawsuit guitar & Elliot’s tea towel-covered tom drums, they put together a short setlist comprised of originals and one ZZ Top cover. The band has been regularly playing shows ever since, developing a sound defined by driving rhythms and distorted strain, drawing comparisons to artists such as PJ Harvey and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. “If you’re into music that throws you into a dark, dripping cavern but somehow you’re still dancing, then absolutely watch their set” – László Reynolds (Ringlets).

In 2023, they organized out-store pop-up shows, played alongside and supported some of their favourite local acts (Ringlets, Feshh), opened for the English Rock duo Royal Blood at Spark Arena, and performed at Auckland’s The Others Way Festival. 2024 will mark their first release.