Estère Lola (DJ set)

  • When: 3rd Mar 6:50pm
  • Where: Wilson St Stage
  • Show map

Estère’s unique brand of Electric Blue Witch-Hop creates an unparalleled melange of sounds.

Both a producer and artist, Estère references a vast range of genres including electronic, hip-hop, RnB and folk music. Estère bedecks her production with a rich elastic voice that she uses to convey the stories and emotion found within her lyrics. The clang and bubble or a hookah pipe, the coy hiss of Vietnamese bamboo trees, the angry crash of a cutlery drawer, the clicking tongue of a friend laughing, are all examples of found-sounds Estère has sampled and surreptitiously slipped into her music.

Estère has brought manifestations of her unique live show to Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as opened for the likes of Grace Jones, Erykah Badu and Hiatus Kaiyote. Estère’s onstage talent and energy has earned her invitations to international festivals including Glastonbury (UK), Afropunk Paris (FR), Bushfire Festival (Swaziland), WOMAD (NZ), Aarhus Festuge (Denmark), Sori Arts Festival (South Korea) and Douala Arts Festival (Cameroon). She has also headlined sold-out shows in the UK, France and New Zealand and has been twice nominated for NZ Music Awards, including Best Producer (2018) and Critics Choice Award (2015). In 2022 Estère was selected as the first featured artist in New Zealand’s internationally renowned, largest annual production – the World of WearableArts Awards Show; performing to over 60,000 people, Estère’s music formed the soundtrack for the event.

Estère’s beat-forward EP Mākara Peak was released in December 2022; 2021’s acclaimed full-length Archetypes was produced by Massive Attack’s Stew Jackson; the 2017 double-album My Design, On Other’s Lives gained Estère global fans; and Estère’s eponymous breakthrough album in 2015, Estère sent her on tour to wow the far reaches of the globe.