• When: 11th Apr 10:10am
  • Where: Girls Rock Stage
  • Show map

Girls Rock Stage // 10:10 – 10:40am

Heleyni is a Poneke performance artist, previously performing under The Happy Plaster/Big Rick, her genre bending songwriting fuses elements of indie rock and electronic art pop with unconventional, distorted noisy guitar riffs and catchy melodies. Capturing the aesthetic of Riot Grrrl meets M.I.A, her songwriting reflects worlds of political contradiction, gender experience and the challenges of Capitalism in our time. 

For Newtown Festival she will be accompanied onstage by composer and sister Marika Pratley (Class War on the Dance Floor, Moody V and The Menstal Cycle, Reptilian Future Cops) on Wellington-synth invention, the Deluge. 

Heleyni is also an established artist, working in painting, theatre and experiential performance art.