• When: 3rd Mar 2:20pm
  • Where: Bebemos Open Air Hall St Takeover
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Originally from England, but now based in Wellington, New Zealand. Iain C is one of the leading house DJ’s in the ever-growing underground scene of New Zealand. Having opened for the likes of Derrick Carter, Dick Johnson, Little Man Big and Andy Riley (Inland Knights). From holding down residencies at Wellington venues such as Laundry and Sandwiches, to sets on Radioactive.fm performing on the Housing Project show for 11 years. He also currently has a residency with Open Air alongside Jamie Rose and Jade whilst playing with the Little Monsters crew from time to time.

Moving from England in 1999 he broke into the house scene in the early 2000’s starting at small clubs in Wellington to bigger clubs like Sub-9 and Sandwiches. During his time as a radio jockey for the Housing Project for 11 years and then got to play at Laundry bar for 6 years with the housing project and got involved with Cuba Dupa festival with the Housing Project crew.
Previous gigs have been at Skylab’s outdoors, Love Not Lost, Birdcage and Four Kings (House Masters) to Festivals such as Taniwhas Den (2023) and Newtown Festival (2023).