• When: 3rd Mar 12:35pm
  • Where: Red Rock n Roll Stage
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Started after their shared time at Wellington High School, Jörmungandr has continued to develop their own brand extreme metal inspired by Viking mythology. Exploring this theme has given rise to songs of life and of death, or others which can portray either a stark isolation, or epic grandeur. Drawing from many diverse musical styles in tandem with these differing motifs, Jörmungandr delivers an eclectic array of songs that may intrigue the most skeptical observer. Using costuming and props to assume bleak and sterile personas, the individuality is stripped away in favour of the performance, and the music – aggressive, raw and powerful.

After producing two full length albums, In Halls Beyond Death (2015) and Cernunnos (2017) Jörmungandr continues to develop their own sound with new material and a more varied repertoire. Although starting in Wellington with a dedicated core following, increasingly Jörmungandr’s music is being discovered internationally through online streaming services, particularly in Europe and the United States.