• When: 3rd Mar 4:00pm
  • Where: Rintoul St Stage
  • Show map

Bold and vibrant Pōneke trio KITA have just returned from gracing stages across Aotearoa in celebration of their recently released second EP ‘Love Lives Here’ produced by Tommaso Colliva (MUSE, RAZORLIGHT) and Ed Zuccollo.

Melding inspirations of folk, soul, pop and psychedelia with the guitar and spirited storytelling of musician-actor Nikita 雅涵 Tu-Bryant (Avatar 2, Far North); the thick lushness of Moog synth and Fender Rhodes from Ed Zuccollo (Zuke); and the filthy drive and barking drums of Rick Cranson (Little Bushman), KITA have long-since solidified themselves as a must-see live band with a massive sound.

“To experience a KITA gig is to witness a stellar example of 3 strong musical identities … fusing together to create a synergy and oneness unparalleled on the scene today.” – Adam Page

Hot off a summer jam-packed with festival shows in 2023, including main-stage sets at SPLORE and WOMAD, KITA’s Love Lives Here Tour was a much needed remedy for the cities they visited: “Emerging from the uncertain times of the pandemic, distilled in the flow of heavy headlines in the media – ‘Love Lives Here’ was a title inspired by the overwhelming news we are exposed to everyday” shares KITA. “A little reminder, that love lives here, despite the fact. The tracks on the E.P. speak to different forms of love we experience in our lifetime, ones that are nourishing for us, ones that turn us to the worst versions of ourselves, ones that possess us, to the one that is the most important above all else, love for ourselves before all else. The search for the blue amidst the clouds.”

Adding to the stellar tracklist of the Love Lives Here EP, KITA released two bonus tracks ‘Kites’ and ‘Mariana’s Trenchcoat (Zuke’s ‘I’ll Dream of Sleep’ remix)’.

‘Kites’ is a funk-inspired uplifting groove recorded live from the legendary “Ed’s Room” in Newtown, Pōneke. The official music video sheds insight into one of the most intimate spaces for KITA, where most of their song collaboration occurs. In the theme of “Love Lives Here” the title of their EP, “little bit of blue in the sky” as part of the lyric speaks of searching for the blue – for even when we are surrounded by dark clouds, there is beauty to be found.

Crafted by Ed Zuccollo, keys player for Kita and a producer known as Zuke,“during a sleepless night preceding the summer of 2022/23” this cinematic reimagining of Mariana’s Trenchcoat (Zuke’s ‘I’ll Dream of Sleep’ remix) explores a captivating blend of chaos and harmony. By interweaving live recordings with electronic elements, Zuke takes listeners on a dynamic auditory journey, filled with lush soundscapes, intricate percussion parts and body-rippling bass lines.

"...the band find it difficult to define their sound, such being it’s diversity, but a starting point would be 21st Century Soul, grounded by history while looking to the future. Or perhaps Retro-Moderne Funky Shit. Whatever the nomenclature though, it’s fuckin’ tight and played just right! "

Ambient Light - https://www.ambientlightblog.com/kita-napier-nz-2023/

"KITA are a vision straight from a synth-pop dream…the self-titled album KITA is a masterpiece "


"KITA, have firmly established a reputation for their exceptional live performances, and their ability to connect people through music and storytelling "

Ambient Light