Luo Community

  • When: 3rd Mar 10:55am
  • Where: Normanby St Stage
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We are essentially a group from South Sudan and Uganda who take pride in showcasing our cultural heritage in various cultural events, such as, World refugee day, Africa day, and multicultural gatherings. Although based in Wellington, we have members across New Zealand, and some in Australia as well. The Upper Hutt Multicultural Council have recognised our continued contributions to the well-being and success of the community by awarding us the Community Service Award. This award serves as evidence for our significant work in our wider community. Our main objective is centred around increasing cultural capital for better opportunities within the community, as it leads to greater opportunities for all. Our group understands the importance of appreciating and celebrating cultural traditions, especially in a country as diverse as New Zealand; which is why we continue to strive for a culturally inclusive environment for everyone.