Mel Stevenson

  • When: 3rd Mar 2:45pm
  • Where: Rintoul St Stage
  • Show map

“Mel Stevenson makes my miserable life a little less sad”

“Mel Stevenson helped me with my homework”

“Great young lads, they do a lot for the general community”

All real quotes, from real people. Mel Stevenson has been apart of the wellington busking scene for 5 years now, and they are expanding their empire, buying land all across the country to sell to overseas investors, and driving housing prices to an all time high.

Mel Stevenson is all of our dad’s. Everyone in the band is the son of Mel Stevenson. We have never met Mel and thought that if we named a band after them then one day maybe Mel would find us and we’d rejoice and go on family picnics together with papa Mel and learn how to play catch and go swimming and he would teach us the ways of the world and we’d become wise and play football and cricket and tennis and go fishing and make food together and be joyous. Tomorrow is my birthday, I’m turning 16 and a half. so that’s pretty exciting.

Prepare yourself for the best performance you’ve heard all week. This band will crumble your eardrums with their iconic Cuba street sound. They will fill your heart with a love you haven’t felt since… well, ever. The first time i met this band, I was but a wee chap, and they completed and turned in my homework for me. That just goes to show what glass-half-overflowing type of people they are.