• When: 3rd Mar 8:00pm
  • Where: Wilson St Stage
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Anita Clark is a violinist and composer, based in Tāmaki Makaurau. Performing under the moniker MOTTE as her solo project, she primarily uses violin, sampled sound, synth, theremin and voice to create richly textured sound beds for other worlds and out of body daydreams. She has released three solo albums since 2015, ‘Songs For Movies’, ‘Strange Dreams’ -CocoMuseRecords and ‘Cold + Liquid’ -BaDaBing Records.

Alongside her solo work, Anita composes music for film, movement and dance, producing work for the Royal New Zealand Ballet, the NZ Dance Company, Movement Of The Human (MOTH), Movement Art Practice (MAP) and COLOSSAL. Anita’s first feature length documentary score for NZ documentary ‘Building Bridges – Bill Youren’s Vision Of Peace’ has just completed a circuit in the NZ Film International Film Fest and won ‘Outstanding Original Score’ from Docs Without Borders film festival. Currently she is a member of Don McGlashan and the Others, The Phoenix Foundation, Luke Buda and Surfing USSR.

"If sunlight reflecting off the ocean was audible, it would be Motte’s new album Cold + Liquid. 'Cold + Liquid' is a climactic deep sigh, bridging the gap between dreamy ambient and experimental pop, full of shimmering vocals and strings and a grounding analogue bass."

Flying Nun