• When: 3rd Mar 3:35pm
  • Where: Red Rock n Roll Stage & Moon
  • Show map

OdESSA have a solid reputation as one of New Zealand’s most exciting live bands. Their addictive blend of Rock RnB, electrifying grooves and phenomenal energy are sure to grab your attention.

OdESSA kick along the dusty centre-line where Rock ‘n’ Roll and R ‘n’ B first cross-mutated, with memorable songs played inside out – night after night.

OdESSA is a fluid and inventive rhythm section, with searing licks and dirty guitar grooves, polished off with strong, soulful vocals – playing wild to hot, sweaty crowds going crazy in a heady swirl of streetlights and hormones – exactly the way it’s supposed to be. The 2021 edition has the addition of a horn section and keyboards.

The warmth and excitement generated by OdESSA has been the source of inspiration for an awesome and supportive fan base across the New Zealand.

"Packed full of warmth, soul, funk, jazz and pure unadulterated fun "

Kev Rowland https://www.muzic.net.nz/articles/reviews/92637/odessa-single-review-its-gonna-get-better