• When: 3rd Mar 11:40am
  • Where: Red Rock n Roll Stage
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Hidden deep within the muck, lurk some boys, Muck Boyz… creatures that spend their lives toiling in 13/8 and feeding off the sap of radio hits. Each summer they emerge as the mighty Ovus to disperse their mind-bending soundscapes, intricate melodies, and sledgehammer rhythms throughout the world.

Building on their 2023 nationwide tour, Lucid EP release and first-time appearance at Twisted Frequency, Ovus bring their energetic show to Newtown Festival once again

"Every drumbeat, every note all have their place, with the bass sat in tight on the guitars providing depth to the melody and the guitars switching leads, yet there is also a fine understanding of the need for dynamics and the use of space with many different techniques being brought to bear. The result is a 17-minute-long EP which is a delight and will be thoroughly enjoyed by progheads who enjoy their music to come at them from the metallic end of the spectrum. Well worthy of investigation. "

Kev Rowland / https://www.muzic.net.nz/articles/reviews/94195/ovus-ep-review-lucid

"They build soundscapes, and the listener never knows where they are going as with these musicians there are endless possibilities, and on Noodles both Adam and Joe are tapping away, in perfect harmony. For Kato they slowed it down somewhat, giving both themselves and the audience something of a breather, and it even gave time for Joshua to have a short but perfectly formed bass lead. This starts much more into the world of fusion, showing a quite different side to the band, although the guitars do pick up and become far more driven in the second half...From here on in it was keep pushing to the end, with all four musicians adding so much to the overall music we were taken on a very wild ride indeed. "

Kev Rowland / https://www.muzic.net.nz/articles/reviews/94234/gig-review-ovus-dead-witch-auckland-14012023

"It was clear from the outset that this purely instrumental quartet knew just what they were doing, soundscapes forming and swiftly drawing in the audience. "

Sarah Kidd / https://www.ambientlightblog.com/intervals-auckland-nz-2018/