Performer Time Where
Big Girls with REACT Street Parade
DJ Jack of Clubs Pasifika Stage
Eastern Sound Collective DJ Eastern Sound Stage
Fire & Emergency Burning Kitchen Colombo St
RadioActive.FM DJs South Stage
The She Jays Rintoul St Stage
Gongs with Erika 9:45am Gordon Pl Stage
Bidibids 10:00am Songwriters Stage
Blues Clues 10:00am Red Rock n Roll Stage
Fun And Funner 10:00am Rintoul St Stage
Move It Danceworks 10:00am Community Stage
Orlęta Dance Ensemble 10:00am South Stage
Orzeł Dance Ensemble 10:00am South Stage
Subtle Grape 10:00am Constable St Stage
Te Kapa o ngā Puna Waiora 10:00am Tangata Whenua Stage
WOSOSI - World Song Singers 10:00am Normanby St Stage
Wellington Youth Circus 10:00am The Circus Hub Stage
JDK 10:20am Community Stage
SARGAM 10:20am Eastern Sound Stage
Bangerz for Bubz 10:30am Gordon Pl Stage
Latu To'omaga 10:30am Pasifika Stage
Marmalady 10:30am Constable St Stage
Matthias Goed 10:30am Buskers Pitch
Olin Yoliztli 10:30am Community Stage
ACAPOLLiNATiONS 10:35am South Stage
M.Y.C 10:35am Tangata Whenua Stage
Florence 10:40am Songwriters Stage
Balfolk Wellington 10:50am Community Stage
Tandrom Trio 10:50am Red Rock n Roll Stage
The JayJs 10:50am Wilson St Stage
Luo Community 10:55am Normanby St Stage
Circus Hub Student Showcase 11:00am The Circus Hub Stage
Isitolo Alesana 11:00am Pasifika Stage
Narħelwa 11:00am Constable St Stage
hara 11:10am Eastern Sound Stage
Fohobodo 11:15am Normanby St Stage
Sugarfoot Stomp 11:15am Community Stage
The Side Characters 11:15am Rintoul St Stage
REID 11:20am Songwriters Stage
Legacy Taekwon-Do 11:25am South Stage
Dj KERB 11:30am Gordon Pl Stage & Baobab
Jordyn with a Why 11:30am Tangata Whenua Stage
Mr Fungus 11:30am Buskers Pitch
Sala Sidler 11:30am Pasifika Stage
BOGGLE 11:40am Red Rock n Roll Stage
KENZIE FROM WELLY 11:40am Constable St Stage
Ovus - CANCELLED 11:40am Red Rock n Roll Stage
Hans Pucket 11:50am South Stage
Lavender Menace 11:50am Wilson St Stage
Ness Quick 11:50am Community Stage
Stabitha 11:50am Community Stage
BABETECH 12:00pm Constable St Stage
Capoeira Angola 12:00pm St Anne's grounds
Crash Bandihoot 12:00pm Community Stage & Street Parade
Creative Motion Collective 12:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
DJ Takas 12:00pm Newtown Ave Block Party
Dani 12:00pm Bebemos Open Air Hall St Takeover
Miss Leading 12:00pm Eastern Sound Stage
The Divorcees 12:00pm Songwriters Stage
Kubatana & the Moringa Dancers 12:10pm Community Stage
Matthias Goed 12:15pm Buskers Pitch
Peruvians in Pōneke 12:20pm Normanby St Stage
Bishop Viard College Band 12:25pm Pasifika Stage
Hori Shaw 12:25pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Bailey Talamasina 12:30pm Gordon Pl Stage
Geoff Ong 12:30pm Rintoul St Stage
Jörmungandr 12:35pm Red Rock n Roll Stage
Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre 12:35pm South Stage
Billy Lyrical 12:50pm Songwriters Stage
Dateline 12:50pm Wilson St Stage
Japes 12:50pm Constable St Stage
Jazeerabad 12:55pm Eastern Sound Stage
Circus Hub Student Showcase 1:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Klezmer Rebs 1:00pm Street Parade
The Dangerous Darlings 1:00pm Buskers Pitch
The Rocking Rainbows 1:00pm Community Stage
Isitolo Alesana 1:05pm Pasifika Stage
Te KuraHuia 1:05pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Jamie Rose 1:10pm Bebemos Open Air Hall St Takeover
Borrowed CS and Mara TK 1:15pm Gordon Pl Stage
LOU'ANA 1:15pm South Stage
MESSIE 1:20pm Constable St Stage
Vox Ethno 1:20pm Normanby St Stage
Des Mallon Blues and the Melo-D Makers 1:25pm Pasifika Stage
Adoneye 1:30pm Red Rock n Roll Stage
Beacon Bloom (DJ Set) 1:30pm Newtown Ave Block Party
Ingrid and the Ministers 1:30pm Rintoul St Stage
Tone Rene 1:30pm Pasifika Stage
Lucy Wilson 1:45pm Songwriters Stage
Sianne 1:45pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Ssendam Rawkustra 1:45pm Community Stage
Zane and Degge 1:45pm Buskers Pitch
Spikey 1:50pm Wilson St Stage
Sun Faze 1:50pm Eastern Sound Stage
Matthias Goed 2:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Wu Zhuoling 2:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
Pati Taii 2:05pm Pasifika Stage
Revulva 2:15pm Constable St Stage
Solid Gold Dance Crew 2:15pm South Stage
Iain C 2:20pm Bebemos Open Air Hall St Takeover
Klezmer Rebs 2:20pm Street Parade
Jilter Off Kilter 2:30pm Creeps Stage
Mr Fungus 2:30pm Buskers Pitch
jeline + W.K Bookclub 2:30pm Red Rock n Roll Stage
DJ Art 2:35pm Normanby St Stage
Jujulipps 2:35pm South Stage
MOHI 2:35pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Elyssa Vulpes 2:40pm Songwriters Stage
Tautua Dance Academy 2:40pm Pasifika Stage
Mel Stevenson 2:45pm Rintoul St Stage
The Weather Machine 2:45pm Community Stage
phil + the gaps 2:45pm Eastern Sound Stage
Summer Body 2:50pm Wilson St Stage
Circus Hub Trainers 3:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Halo 3:00pm Newtown Ave Block Party
Ben Makisi 3:15pm Pasifika Stage
Hearth 3:15pm Constable St Stage
Kaishandao 3:15pm Gordon Pl Stage
The Dangerous Darlings 3:15pm Buskers Pitch
Breaking Limits 3:20pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Alopex 3:30pm Bebemos Open Air Hall St Takeover
King Home Boy 3:30pm South Stage
Taikoza Wellington 3:30pm Normanby St Stage
The Cthulus 3:30pm Creeps Stage
Wellington Batucada 3:30pm Street Parade
Clara van Wel 3:35pm Songwriters Stage
OdESSA 3:35pm Red Rock n Roll Stage & Moon
RESHMA 3:40pm Eastern Sound Stage
TJ Taotua 3:40pm Pasifika Stage
Tipene 3:40pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Crash Bandihoot 3:45pm Community Stage & Street Parade
Awning 3:50pm Wilson St Stage
KITA 4:00pm Rintoul St Stage
Libby K 4:00pm Newtown Ave Block Party
Matthias Goed 4:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Star Time Ensemble 4:00pm Normanby St Stage
Sure Boy 4:00pm Constable St Stage
Zane and Degge 4:00pm Buskers Pitch
Ebony Lamb 4:15pm South Stage
Nam Chucks 4:20pm Eastern Sound Stage
MR MEATY BOY 4:30pm Gordon Pl Stage
PLUG 4:30pm Creeps Stage
Planet 4:30pm Songwriters Stage
Wellington Batucada 4:30pm Street Parade
K-Otik 4:40pm Bebemos Open Air Hall St Takeover
Lost Tribe Aotearoa 4:45pm Tangata Whenua Stage
NLC 4:45pm Red Rock n Roll Stage
Soft Bait 4:50pm Wilson St Stage
Dr. Bazz 5:00pm Newtown Ave Block Party
Tarrant Dancers Traffic Angels 5:15pm Street Parade
JoLisa 5:30pm Bebemos Beer Garden
Riddim Cartel 5:30pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Sea Mouse 5:30pm Creeps Stage
Elliot & Vincent 5:50pm Wilson St Stage
Ryan C 5:50pm Bebemos Open Air Hall St Takeover
BIRDPARTY 6:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
The Good Taste Selector 6:00pm Moon
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo 6:20pm Songwriters Stage
Cherry Punch 6:30pm Creeps Stage
Creed of Man 6:30pm Bebemos Beer Garden
Mystori 6:30pm Newtown Ave Block Party
Elvin Brandhi 6:45pm Gordon Pl Stage
Estère Lola (DJ set) 6:50pm Wilson St Stage
Vera Ellen - CANCELLED 6:50pm Wilson St Stage
Dangerous Dave and The Cold Ones 7:30pm Creeps Stage
Mana Mushroom 7:30pm Moon
deepState 7:30pm Gordon Pl Stage
Gongs with Erika 8:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
Motte 8:00pm Wilson St Stage
Redbird Junior 8:00pm Laundry's Portal-Loo After Party
Rich D Rich (UK) 8:00pm Bebemos Beer Garden
Benthamism 9:30pm Laundry's Portal-Loo After Party
Halo 9:30pm Bebemos Beer Garden
SnakeOil 11:00pm Laundry's Portal-Loo After Party