Performer Time Where
Big Girls with REACT Street Parade
DJ Ayesha Tangata Whenua Stage
Damon Manning Aerial Pole The Circus Hub Stage
Judy Virago Wilson St Stage
Julia Bromley The Circus Hub Stage
RadioActive.FM DJs South Stage
Storytellers from Wellington's Polish Community Arney Street
The She Jays Rintoul St Stage
Victor Victorious Community Stage
impress To The Front Stage
Erika Grant 9:30am 26 Constable St
Fun And Funner 10:00am Rintoul St Stage
Kubatana & the Moringa Dancers 10:00am Normanby St Stage
Move It Danceworks 10:00am Community Stage
Mr Fungus 10:00am Buskers Pitch
Orlęta Dance Ensemble 10:00am South Stage & Normanby St Stage
Sounds Almighty Sound System 10:00am Sounds Almighty Sound System Laneway
Susurrations photo exhibition and happenings 10:00am 26 Constable St
Te Kapa Haka o Te Kura o Ngā Puna Waiora - Newtown School 10:00am Tangata Whenua Stage
The Wellington Youth Circus 10:00am The Circus Hub Stage
Toby Sussex 10:00am Songwriters Stage
Xani Hall 10:00am To The Front Stage
Orzeł Dance Ensemble 10:15am South Stage
JDK 10:20am Community Stage
花溪 (Flower Stream) 10:25am To The Front Stage
Hawaiian Dance Wellington 10:30am Community Stage
Mystery Waitress 10:30am South Stage
Klezmer Rebs 10:45am Street Parade
Orlęta Dance Ensemble 10:45am South Stage & Normanby St Stage
Hemi Hemingway 10:50am Wilson St Stage
Sugarfoot Stomp 10:50am Community Stage
Dirty Spoons 10:55am Songwriters Stage & Serious Happiness
Breaking Limits 11:00am Gordon Pl Stage
Hannah Davenport 11:00am To The Front Stage
Matthias Goed 11:00am Buskers Pitch
The Cosmonauts 11:00am Normanby St Stage
The Flying Femmes 11:00am The Circus Hub Stage
Wanderkamera 11:00am 26 Constable St
canadian tuxedo 11:00am Ferguson St Stage
Vietkids 11:10am South Stage
Bright Sky 11:15am Rintoul St Stage
Wellington Fire and Flow Club 11:15am Community Stage
DJ Takas 11:30am Newtown Ave Block Party
Mo Etc. 11:35am Tangata Whenua Stage
The Warratahs 11:35am South Stage
Cotton Daisy Backstep 11:45am Normanby St Stage
The Birdmann & Egg 11:45am Buskers Pitch
Unlawful Arise 11:45am Ferguson St Stage
Agatha Pantha 11:50am Songwriters Stage
Danica Bryant 11:50am To The Front Stage
Rachel Andie 11:50am Wilson St Stage
SING! Community Choir 11:50am Community Stage
Capoeira Angola Street Roda 12:00pm Donald McLean St
Circus Cabaret 12:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
DJ Kerb 12:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
The Handmade Darkroom makes with tea and coffee! 12:00pm 26 Constable St
BTD Bitches 12:15pm Community Stage
Warm Regards 12:15pm Rintoul St Stage
Footnote New Zealand Dance 12:20pm South Stage & Gordon Pl Stage
Jaedyn Randell 12:25pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Crying Club 12:30pm Ferguson St Stage
ODA Dance Studio 12:30pm Community Stage
Putu Evie Suyadnyani 12:30pm Normanby St Stage
Matt Joe Gow 12:35pm South Stage
Culture Embassy Band 12:45pm Normanby St Stage
Mr Fungus 12:45pm Buskers Pitch
Yann le Dorre 12:45pm Songwriters Stage
BLEEDING STAR 12:50pm Wilson St Stage
Belladonna 12:55pm To The Front Stage
Anamua Dance 1:00pm Pasifika Stage
BAD TASTE 1:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
Crash Bandihoot 1:00pm Street Parade
Mr Wizowski 1:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Olin Yoliztli & Flying Jaranas 1:05pm Community Stage
Welcomer 1:15pm Ferguson St Stage
Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre 1:20pm South Stage
BUB 1:30pm Rintoul St Stage
Greta O'Leary 1:40pm Songwriters Stage
Renee Millner 1:40pm Songwriters Stage
Footnote New Zealand Dance 1:45pm South Stage & Gordon Pl Stage
Klezmer Rebs 1:45pm Street Parade
The Amazing Miss Maisey 1:45pm Buskers Pitch
Recitals 1:50pm Wilson St Stage
Julia Deans 1:55pm South Stage
Feildings Best Dancers 2:00pm Ferguson St Stage
Krakerjack 2:00pm Normanby St Stage
My Cosmic Girl 2:00pm To The Front Stage
Sinjin 2:00pm Gordon Pl Stage
The Circus Hub Show 2:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Matthias Goed 2:30pm Buskers Pitch
AJA 2:35pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Beans Maries 2:35pm Songwriters Stage
Solid Gold Dance Crew 2:40pm South Stage
Landlords 2:45pm Ferguson St Stage
Outer Space Food Fight 2:45pm Rintoul St Stage
Displeasure 2:50pm Wilson St Stage
Iskra 2:50pm Community Stage
Mr Wizowski 3:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Girl Best Friend 3:05pm To The Front Stage
The Nudge 3:05pm South Stage
The Birdmann & Egg 3:15pm Buskers Pitch
crone 3:15pm Gordon Pl Stage
Carb On Carb 3:30pm Ferguson St Stage
Death Without a Priest 3:30pm Creeps Curb Side Stage
Peyton Morete 3:30pm Songwriters Stage
Rio Trio ft. Alda Rezende & Wellington Silva 3:30pm Normanby St Stage
Wellington Batucada 3:30pm Street Parade
3:40pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Hoot'n'Annies 3:50pm Community Stage
Mirror Ritual 3:50pm Wilson St Stage
Womb 3:55pm To The Front Stage
Luke Buda 4:00pm Rintoul St Stage
Matthias Goed 4:00pm The Circus Hub Stage
Aw B 4:15pm Gordon Pl Stage
TOOMS 4:15pm Ferguson St Stage
The Amazing Miss Maisey 4:15pm Buskers Pitch
WALLACE 4:15pm South Stage
Goodnight My Darling 4:25pm Songwriters Stage
King Fish 4:30pm Creeps Curb Side Stage
The Frederick Crew 4:30pm Brewhouse Beats
Te Kahureremoa 4:45pm Tangata Whenua Stage
Ripship 4:50pm Wilson St Stage
Buck Rogers 5:00pm Newtown Ave Block Party
Erika Grant 5:15pm 26 Constable St
Tarrant Dancers Traffic Angels 5:15pm Street Parade
DEE 5:20pm Songwriters Stage
DÄHTM 5:30pm Creeps Curb Side Stage
hanbee 5:30pm Gordon Pl Stage
Vera Ellen 5:50pm Wilson St Stage
Tala 6:00pm Brewhouse Beats
Kenny's First Set 6:15pm Songwriters Stage
Ben Hammond 6:30pm Gordon Pl Stage
Dr. Bazz 6:30pm Newtown Ave Block Party
POP O.D. 6:30pm Creeps Curb Side Stage
BIRDPARTY 6:45pm Gordon Pl Stage
Clear Path Ensemble 6:50pm Wilson St Stage
Ethixx 7:00pm Brewhouse Beats
Kaneskies 7:00pm Brewhouse Beats
Dick Move 7:30pm Creeps Curb Side Stage
deepState 7:30pm Gordon Pl Stage
MOTTE 8:00pm Wilson St Stage
Dirty Spoons 9:00pm Songwriters Stage & Serious Happiness