Stages 2024


01. Te Māngai Pāho & E Tū Whānau Tangata Whenua Stage

Māori artists, waiata & culture

Where:Riddiford St (Hospital End)
When:3rd Mar 9:30am

02. Songwriters Stage

Bringing you the songs of South Wellington!

Where:Emmett St
When:3rd Mar 10:00am

03. The NZCT Circus Hub Stage

Join us for a full day of circus action!

Where:The Circus Hub Stage
When:3rd Mar 10:00am

04. Pasifika Stage

Featuring our talented Pasifika community.

Where:Mercy Park
When:3rd Mar 10:00am

05. Rintoul St Stage

The Rintoul St Stage is bringing you family-friendly, all ages festival vibes. Great music for the old and the young!

Where:Rintoul St
When:3rd Mar 10:00am

06. Creeps Curbside Stage

Panthers in semi automatic arse kicking mode.

Where:Wilson St
When:3rd Mar 2:30pm

07. Parrotdog Wilson St Stage

Showcasing different aspects of the rich alternative music landscape of New Zealand.

Where:Wilson St
When:5th Mar 10:50am

08. Newtown New World Community Stage

Slap bang in the middle of all the action, this stage is all about showcasing the people that enrich our local community

Where:Riddiford/Constable St
When:3rd Mar 10:00am

09. House of Bonnie x Neptune Collective Constable St Stage

Wāhine and gender-diverse fronted artists to bob your head to.

Where:Constable St
When:3rd Mar 10:00am

10. Newtown Ave Block Party

Laundry takes over the street and brings the party to Newtown Festival!

Where:Newtown Ave Block Party
When:3rd Mar 12:00pm

11. Buskers Pitch

International street entertainers to amuse and amaze!

Where:McDonalds Carpark
When:3rd Mar 10:30am

12. Normanby St Stage

Get ready for a captivating and diverse musical experience that will take you around the world.

Where:Normanby St
When:3rd Mar 10:00am

13. Sets & Bebemos Gordon Pl Stage

Alternative and experimental electronic music from Newtown and beyond

Where:Gordon Pl
When:3rd Mar 9:45am

14. Eastern Sound Stage

Local Asian musicians bringing the heat to the street.

Where:Donald McLean St
When:3rd Mar 10:20am

15. Red Rock n Roll Stage

Presenting an eclectic collection of bands, from folk music to the heaviest of metal.

Where:Ferguson St
When:3rd Mar 10:00am

16. RadioActive.FM & Coffee Supreme South Stage

Boogie along to some of Aotearoa & beyond's finest makers, movers and shakers

Where:Riddiford St (Zoo End)
When:3rd Mar 10:00am