• When: 11th Apr 3:15pm
  • Where: Tangata Whenua Stage
  • Show map

Tangata Whenua Stage // 3:15 – 3:50pm

Rei is a vibrant performer and Māori bilingual artist, who thrives on a live audience. If not in the studio writing his own beats, he’s out encouraging rangatahi to ‘hoea tō waka’. From performing te reo Māori, hiphop, rnb through to UK big bass beats his energy is always 200%. Rei has picked up awards at the Waiata Māori Music awards and was nominated at the AMAS (NZ Music’ Awards) as well as having a solid and diverse music following. He’s always about ‘mahi hard’ and can’t wait for the summer shows. Rehikoa!

"Rei is one of the most interesting and successful local artists who has successfully bridged r'n'b, pop and hip-hop as well as effortlessly using te reo as a vehicle"

Graham Reid, Elsewhere

"Hip-Hop and Rap music has thrived in New Zealand for as long as the genres themselves have been around; here, Rei has now left a mark on the scene that is unique and created a sound of his own."

Steve Shyu, Muzic.net

"Like all his music, it’s distinctly Kiwi but still different from anything other local artists are making. New Zealand on Air has an unprecedented level of talent on its airwaves, and Rei is one of its champions."

Josie Adams, The Spinoff

"It feels safe to refer to Rei as a triple-threat, although his true capabilities may extend beyond singing, dancing and producing."

Alex Behan, Stuff