• When: 3rd Mar 5:50pm
  • Where: Bebemos Open Air Hall St Takeover
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Ryan spent his formative years travelling solo around the desolate Southern African coast, the stars his blanket and the ocean his teacher. 

After being missing for 14 years, he was ‘liberated’ by the Red Cross in Northern Africa ‘working’ on an Ethiopian pirate ship in the Gulf of Aden. 

He was in desperate need of revitalisation, so was moved to their base deep in the Amazon basin, in Peru, near the border of Brazil, where he was healed by Amazonian Shamans using an ancient technique.

The Amazonian tribe then guided him by canoe through the Amazon river to the coast of Brazil where he found a group of underground tribal techno-heads living on an island and learnt the ways of techno.

After finding out about an illustrious island in the South-Pacific where the earth moves and sky is painted with lava from deep inside the earth, he made his way to Aotearoa where he continues his search inwards, through music.