Sea Mouse

  • When: 3rd Mar 5:30pm
  • Where: Creeps Stage
  • Show map

Sea Mouse, New Zealands premier rock band, brings a sense of newness to a classic genre. Hailing from Wellington, the trio draw upon a unique blend of sonic influences from Delta Blues to Psych-Rock. These are tied together by the powerful vocals and energetic guitar tones of front man Seamus Johnson. Alongside Johnson is bassist Scott Maynard and drummer Thomas Friggens. This rhythm section is revered and defines the powerful groove which this music beckons. Since their inception in 2017, Sea Mouse have toured NZ rigorously to enthralled and inspired audiences. With a new album on the horizon for 2024, Sea Mouse are a prolific power house producing exciting new music which translates brilliantly from turntable to stage.

"One of the most powerful, energetic and inspiring gigs I’ve encountered in a while, by a band who proudly carry the legacy of both blues and garage rock for a new generation."

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