Stall Applications

The next Newtown Festival will be on Sunday March 2nd 2025 

Stall applications for 2025 will open in September or October. Sign up to our Stallholders’ Newsletter (see below) and you will get notified when the applications open.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

If you are new to our Festival and interested in being a stallholder in future we advise you to look through the information below. You might also want to look at the pages on stall locations, pricing, and food stall requirements. You can sign up for the Stallholders’ Newsletter if you’re not already on the mailing list, and then you will receive reminders about key dates and any other Festival news. Please note – if you have a gmail address the Newsletter might go into the Promotions mailbox, so please keep an eye on this.

Information for Stallholders:

People new to Newtown Festival often have questions about how the Festival day is organised, eg timing for stall set up, trading hours etc – scroll down to ‘Key Information for Stallholders’ for answers to these questions.

Accepting applications: We have some criteria we consider before accepting stall applications. For stalls other than food and information stalls we will give priority to people selling quality goods – for instance New Zealand handcrafts, New Zealand designed and made homewares, fashion, jewellery and other products, and quality goods sourced from overseas – particularly handcrafts rather than mass produced products. We will not be accepting applications for stalls selling multi-level marketing products such as Arbonne or Doterra Essential Oils, even though we have had these stalls in the past. We are also interested in sustainability, including limiting the use of plastic. When you answer the question about ‘Stall Description’ please give us enough information to understand how your stall meets these criteria. When we receive your application we will check the information and if we are uncertain we will get back to you with further questions.  

Some people make multiple stall bookings, and we will hesitate before accepting all of these. Decisions are made case by case, but the principle is to make room for a wide range of vendors rather than having fewer vendors with two or more stalls each.

When you receive an invoice for your stall booking this will mean that your application is accepted.        

The Food Form is now part of the application. We need to register all stalls selling food with the Environmental Health Department of Wellington City Council. Previously we had a separate form to gather the information needed for this and also the information about waste management, but now it’s all part of the same application. If you need any help with filling in this part of the form please contact us.

Terms & Conditions

When you complete the booking application you will be asked to confirm that you accept the Festival Terms and Conditions – please read them!

Newtown Festival happens rain or shine, there are no refunds for weather. However we will make special arrangements if we have to cancel because of a resurgence of covid-19.

Key Information for Stall Holders

Festival Stalls Trading Hours

8.30am/9.00am – 5.00pm, with a few exceptions in food stall precincts: Emmett St stalls can trade till 6pm, Wilson Street until 8.30pm, Newtown Avenue until 8pm, and Gordon Place also until 8pm.

Stall Site Info Packs

Site Info packs will be emailed out in mid-February to all stallholders who have paid for their bookings.  Site Packs show exactly where your stall site is and your nearest recycling station. They have instructions particular to your part of the Festival. Included is a copy of our Road Closure and One-way Fair Bypass map marked up to show you the ONLY vehicle ENTRY to the Festival at set-up.

Stall Set Up

Access to your stall site for set-up is from 6.30am. The ONLY vehicle ENTRY to the fair is by Constable Street, where the Festival site marshals direct you to your site.

Traffic flow on site is ONE-WAY    Once at your stall site please unpack as quickly as possible and move your vehicle as soon as you can, to minimise congestion. After set up please drive carefully to your nearest exit.  ALL vehicles must be off the site by 8.30am  –  there is no parking next to your stall.

THERE IS NO ON STREET PARKING anywhere inside the Festival, parts of the road not marked as stall sites will be being used for other Festival activities or performances.

Near, and even inside, the Festival there are several community groups fundraising, offering stallholder all-day off street carparking for a fee. We will let you know the 2024 parking arrangements when we do stall site allocations in February 2024.

In the morning you need to turn up on time, rain or shine. If something happens and you are delayed let us know whether you are still coming – or not!

If your STALL SITE is empty at 8.30am we might move another stallholder in.        

Stall Pack Up

The stall market ends at 5pm in Riddiford, Constable, Rintoul and Normanby Streets . To ease pack-out congestion several side street locations run later.

Come back in where your SITE PACK tells you, usually where you went out in the morning. Our Site Marshal crew and our Stall Holder Car Parade dancers escort WALK YOUR VEHICLE back to your stall. This begins at 5.15pm, but it’s a slow moving process back in through the crowds. Narrow streets full of stalls, people and other stall vehicles mean sometimes you will have to stop and wait. Expect at times to be stuck in a queue within the fair.

It is very important that stalls stop trading at 5pm so the crowds begin to disperse.

When you are packed and ready to leave the Marshal crew escort WALK YOU to the nearest exit

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 3 March 2024

If you have any  questions, please feel free to contact us