See here for a map of the Festival site.     This is a copy of the 2023 road closure map. Some of the details may be different in 2024 but it shows all the streets that are part of the Festival site.

Applying for a stall site

When you apply for a stall you can tell us about your preferred stall site location. Use “Preferred Locations, Site Requirements & Comments” to tell us which street or precinct you would like, and explain why your preference is important. Tell us everything we might need to know about your set up and also give us other location options – second and third choices, in case your selected spot isn’t available.  See below for details of potential stall locations.

Stall Site Allocation

Our stalls team looks in detail at what you tell us you are selling or are providing information on. They care about how our Festival works for everyone on the day and try very hard to find a good spot for every stall. However some sites are in high demand and the sooner you pay for your stall the more likely you are to get the place you want.

Local businesses have first priority (outside their premises) as do repeat returning stall holders who book and pay promptly.


Stall Locations street by street – Trading Hours and Precincts

FOOD STALL PRECINCTS – If you sell takeaway food look for a site in a food precinct. Please note that we don’t have takeaway food stalls in Riddiford apart from local businesses and we don’t supply power in Riddiford St. Food precincts are in Emmett St, Rintoul St, Constable St, Newtown Ave and Donald McLean St. Some food stalls are in Arney St, particularly ones connected with the Polish community. See below for more details.

CRAFT STALLS – Green St specialises in craft stalls, along with some information stalls. Other streets are quite mixed, but apart from Green St most craft stalls are in Riddiford St, Constable St and Normanby St.

MAIN STREETS:  Constable St is where stallholders enter the site in the morning and exit in the evening. Riddiford and Rintoul Streets are morning exits and evening entrances for stallholders’ vehicles. Stalls in these streets need to stop trading promptly at 5pm.

Riddiford St – stalls stop trading at 5pm.  Riddiford St can be divided into North Riddiford, from Hall St-Mein St to Green St, Mid Riddiford from Green St to Newtown Ave, and South Riddiford from Newtown Ave to Arney St. These sites are in high demand, particularly mid Riddiford. Only local retailers, returning applicants and the earliest of new applicants are likely to get a mid Riddiford St spot. We don’t have takeaway food stalls in Riddiford apart from local businesses and we don’t supply power. There are stages at each end of the street and at the intersection with Constable St : the Tangata Whenua Stage in the north, Community stage in the middle and South Stage by the Rhodes St/Russell Tce roundabout.

Rintoul St – stalls stop trading at 5pm.  This street has a food stall precinct on the South side and a mix of stalls on the north side, including some selling pre-packaged foodstuffs such as honey, spices or sauces.

Constable St – stalls stop trading at 5pm.  This street has a food stall precinct on the north side between Riddiford St and Newtown Library and another on both sides of the street near the intersection with Daniell St. The rest of the street is a mix of stalls including some local businesses. There is a stage at the Daniell St end.


Emmett St – stalls can trade until 6pm. This is a food stall precinct.  The Singer Songwriter stage is at the end of this street.

Green St – stalls trade until 5pm.  Green St is a premium spot for craft stalls, and also hosts some information stalls. This is the only street without a stage.

Wilson St – stalls trade until 8.30pm. This is home to the Wilson St stage and associated outdoor café/bar. There are only a few stalls, on the south side of the street near the Riddiford St corner and one or two in the car park.

Newtown Avenue – stalls trade until 8pm. This is a food stall precinct.  There is a wash against waste station supplying reusable serve wear to stall customers.  The Laundry Bar and stage is at the Daniell St end of the row of stalls.

Normanby St – stalls trade until 5pm.  A mix of stalls. There is a stage at the end of the street. The entrance to the Salvation Army is in Normanby St and they host a time out space for people needing a break from the crowds.

Donald McLean St – stalls can trade until 7pm.  The end of the street near Riddiford St is a food stall precinct.  Further along we host street sports and similar activities and this is a good spot for sports club information stalls.

Ferguson St runs off Donald McLean St and hosts the Ferguson St Punk Stage – not many stalls here but there might be some, particularly if they are associated with the stage.

Arney St – stalls trade until 5pm.  This street hosts free activities for children. It is also close to Dom Polski and has some stalls associated with the Polish community.

Stall bookings will CLOSE on the 1st February 2024 !

If you have any questions, please contact us