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Stall Prices 2024

Stall Site Sizes

If you have a gazebo, caravan or food truck please make sure the size you request will fit your stall, including any tow bars or similar extras.

If none of the sizes listed work for you we can usually organise custom sizes and corresponding prices. There is a place on the application form to choose ‘other’ and describe what you want. However stalls can only be a maximum of 3m wide, we have retired the previous option for 6mx5m wide stalls because these cause too much congestion in our narrow streets.

The ‘local retailer’ rate is for people booking one 3mx3m stall outside their shop for selling goods or services from their business. You can also choose this option if you want to keep a 3m space outside your shop clear of other stalls.
The ‘information stalls’ are for charities, sports clubs and community organisations who only give out information. There can also be discounted prices for fundraising stalls – don’t use the ‘information stall’ category for this but book the size of stall you need and tell us in the stall description about the cause you are fundraising for, and we will be in touch about a discount.

Stall Site: 2m x 2m
$105 Early Bird Discount- if you pay before 10 November 2023
$125  after 10 November 2023
This size will fit a typical table – our tables are 180cm x 76cm

Stall Site: 3m x 3m
$180 Early Bird Discount- if you pay before 10 November 2023
$215  after 10 November 2023
This size will fit a typical pop-up gazebo – but please check the actual size of your gazebo before booking. We can customise sizes so long as the depth is no more than 3m.

 Stall Site: 6m x 3m
$360 Early Bird Discount- if you pay before 10 November 2023
$430 after 10 November 2023
This size will fit a long gazebo or a caravan (do check your towbar also fits!). We can customise sizes to the actual length you need, so long as the width is no more than 3m.

LOCAL RETAILER Stall Site: 3m x 3m – ONE space only
$100.00 if the local Newtown business pays before 10 November 2023
This Early Bird Newtown price is only available to local retailers with businesses inside the Festival, to sell goods or services from the business.

INFORMATION STALLS: available to Charities, Community and Sports groups only
Information Stall site: 2m x 2m = $25
Information Stall site: 3m x 3m = $50

These prices are for information stalls only, nothing for sale – discounts are available for fundraising stalls for community groups and charities, email us to ask about this.

Additional Fees that May Apply

FOOD and DRINK STALL LEVY: $90, discounted to $20 if your food is pre packaged to take home – for instance, jams, preserves and sauces – and there is no waste generated at the festival.

A small part of this levy pays for the WCC fee charged for inspecting stalls selling food or drink at Newtown Festival, but most of the levy goes towards recycling and waste management costs.

TRESTLE TABLE HIRE: $35 for the first table, $20 each for second and third tables if you need more than one. The tables are oblong, 180cm x 76cm.

POWER SUPPLY: Our electricity contractor has portable generators for power supply to stalls. These are only available in some areas, primarily in food stall precincts. If you want power and your stall isn’t a food stall this can sometimes be organised outside the food stall precincts but it isn’t guaranteed.

  • One 10Amp connection = $65
  • Two 10A connections = $80
  • Three 10A connections = $90
  • One 16A connection = $80
  • Two 16A connections = $90
  • One 32A single phase connection = $90

Stallholders should also refer to the Festival Terms and Conditions
STALL Bookings will CLOSE on 1 February 2024

If you have any questions, please contact us

How To Pay

Payments are made best online by direct deposit. You can also pay with cash if you can get to the Newtown office.  Stallholders can bring cash payments to the office at 123 Daniell St, Newtown – please ring first on 027 NEWTOWN (027 639 8696) to make sure someone is there.


  • Stall sites are ONLY allocated to bookings that have PAID. The date you pay is one of the factors used in prioritising site allocation.
  • To be eligible for early bird discount prices,  you must PAY before 10 November 2023 – a deposit by 10 November and regular payments afterwards will secure this rate.
  • Sorry but we are unable to take credit cards.
  • If you would like to pay a deposit and make an arrangement to pay in installments please contact us to discuss this.

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