Terms & Conditions

Festival Terms & Conditions For Stallholders

When you apply to book a Newtown Festival stall site you accept that these terms & conditions apply:

    • Application does not guarantee your booking is accepted and your stall can attend Newtown Festival
    • Application does not guarantee your preferred site location. Newtown Festival curates where stalls are located. PAY EARLY for priority in stall allocation
    • Stall sites are only allocated to applications that have PAID for the booking. Contact the Newtown Festival office if you wish to pay by instalments.  The prompt payment Early Bird discount fee only applies if payment is made before 10 November 2023
    • Up until 10 January paid Stall Bookings that cancel are refunded less a $30 charge for administration.
    • After 10 January any refunds to stalls that cancel are made only in special circumstances.
    • All Stallholders agree they will follow Festival Marshal’s instructions at all times and that they will meet the safe food handlingpublic safety and zero waste packaging requirements. Failure to comply on the day will mean asking stallholders to CLOSE DOWN
    • All Food & Drink Stalls confirm their food and beverage serving packaging (containers, cutlery, cups, napkins, etc) will be re-usable or locally compostable, or recyclable when they book their stall.  Where there are no re-usable or compostable options recyclable is the next best option.  [ Contact the Newtown Festival office if you need advice about this.]
    • ‘Biodegradeable’ packaging options are NOT acceptable at the Wellington composting facility so cannot be used at Newtown Festival . This includes PLA products (which are marked as compostable) but can’t be processed by the composting plant. PLA products are often in the form of a clear cup that looks exactly the same as a ‘normal’ plastic cup. If you are not sure contact the Newtown Festival office  = a Capital Compost requirement since 2016  
    • Food and Drink Stalls are asked to encourage their customers to use the re-usable plates, bowls, cups and utensils available and to use the re-cycling and compost stations at Newtown Festival.
    • Food Stalls that arrive at the Festival with non-compliant packaging will be required on the day to use the washable re-usables available or to purchase and use locally compostable packaging. = a requirement since 2020
    • All Food stalls are required to have a hand-wash station as part of their stall.  a WCC Environmental Health requirement since 2016
    • Food stalls cooking with heat [gas or electricity] are to have a dry powder fire extinguisher as part of their stall.  = a WCC Environmental Health requirement since 2016
    • If you have booked a powered site expect the power supply to be on by 9.30 am. If you are using power to keep your goods hot, or cold, you will need to arrange a way to do this till the power is on around 9.30 am.
    • For your powered site please bring at least a 6m extension cord (without joins) that has a current PAT tag. All electrical equipment used onsite needs to have current Portable Appliance Test (PAT) tags.
    • All powered sites are supplied by portable generators. Please provide your own surge protection if you are plugging in sensitive electronic equipment [e.g. microwave, ipad, laptop, till, eftpos terminal, sound system, etc].
    • Generators on site must not exceed 60dB. Noisy generators will not be allowed on site.
    • Stall gazebos must be anchored with at least 20 kg of weight for each leg – please expect that strong winds could occur during the day
    • The Newtown Festival Street Fair happens rain or shine, there are no refunds for weather.
    • All vehicles must MOVE SLOWLY when within the Festival and follow the Festival Site Marshals’ instructions at all times.
    • Stallholder vehicles need to be removed from the site. If a vehicle is part of your stall set up you must book enough space for it to fit – do remember to allow for towbar length. You may need to order extra space; tick ‘other’ on the application form and tell us the length required.
    • THERE IS NO PARKING anywhere inside the Festival on the street. Parts of the road not marked as a stall site are not spare, they will be being used for other Festival activities or performances. Vehicles left parked inside the Festival will be towed away, with costs charged to the owner.
    • Newtown Festival may make amendments to these Terms and Conditions – if we do we will notify you of this by email.