The Weather Machine

  • When: 3rd Mar 2:45pm
  • Where: Community Stage
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One part soulful longing, two parts theatrical glam, and a heaping spoonful of retro-nostalgia indie-rock abandon, The Weather Machine is a tasty, wholesome audio treat. Hailing from the rainy green river city of Portland, Oregon, project lead Slater Smith has been troubadouring under the band-moniker The Weather Machine for the better part of a decade, churning out record after heartfelt record. Smith and his friends forged their musical relationships during their early days tracking songs in basements, steeping themselves in the DIY folk-rocker lifestyle and the love for musical collaboration that Smith has never really been able to get enough of.

In 2021 he relocated The Weather Machine to Te Whanganui-a-Tara, following his heart and his lovely partner to her (and now his new) home country. During the ensuing years a new chapter of The Weather Machine began to take shape amongst new Wellington muso collaborators. Now with bandmates and recording collaborators spanning two continents, The Aotearoa Chapter of The Weather Machine consists of Smith, Ana Henderson (violin), David McGurk (Drums), Josh Buckler (sax/clarinet), and Matt Fitzpatrick (guitar).