Vox Ethno

  • When: 3rd Mar 1:20pm
  • Where: Normanby St Stage
  • Show map

Vox Ethno has evolved out of the small but strong civic Serbian choir, Vox Serbica, which was founded in 2002. “Born” in 2019, Vox Ethno has 12 members – a six-voice female vocal group with a five-piece band under the steady musical and artistic direction of Mima Nikolić.

Vox Ethno is a (mostly) acoustic ensemble that performs traditional “ethno” folk music from the Balkans and Europe, typically Serbia, Russia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Greece. The group’s repertoire features unique and original arrangements that range from the melodic and melancholic, to the rousing and rhythmic. Some songs are performed à capella or with just a percussion accompaniment, while others need the “full noise” of the band which includes percussion, guitar, bass guitar, piano accordion and woodwind.

A truly international group, the members of Vox Ethno come from all over the globe, including Serbia, Russia, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Germany, America and New Zealand. All are drawn to the community and spirit of creating music as a group and in particular, multi-harmony songs. They love the music they perform and delight in the simple joy of creating live, authentic music that moves the soul.