Wellington Batucada

  • When: 3rd Mar 3:30pm & 4:30pm
  • Where: Street Parade
  • Show map

Wellington Batucada is an inclusive community-based group which brings the flamboyant world of samba dance and drumming from Brazil to Wellington. Batucada is a Brazilian word used to describe the syncopated, African-influenced samba music played by a large percussion group (bateria) as part of a street parade or carnival. Wellington Batucada looks to emulate this tradition and brings Brazilian samba music and dance to Kiwi audiences. Originally formed in 2001, Wellington Batucada works hard to replicate the authentic samba sound playing a variety of Brazilian rhythms including samba batucada, afoxé, samba reggae, samba funk and many others. New rhythms and musical fusions are being explored and developed all the time to reflect the wider cultural influences here in New Zealand, and to create a form of live music and dance that’s uniquely ours. We’ve shared that at many shows, events and festivals over the years in New Zealand and even some overseas. Newtown though is always a highlight – we love it.