Xani Hall

  • When: 5th Mar 10:00am
  • Where: To The Front Stage
  • Show map

Xani Hall is a Gen Z singer-songwriter born and raised in the Auckland city fringe suburb of Grey Lynn. From the bedroom in her 100-year-old house that she’s lived in all her life, she spends most of her time writing music and poetry. 

After the success of Xani’s first single “Sindy With An S” recorded with Jol Mullholand in the lab studios in the Spring of 2019, Xani received funding from NZ On Air to work with Jol Mullholand again to create a six song EP called “Glasshouse” 

Songs from this EP were play-listed on various student radio stations and then when on to feature on Australasian shows such as “Head High” and “My Life Is Murder”. 

This year, after some time away, Xani is thrilled to be back in the studio with Jol Mullholand writing and recording an album dedicated to heartbreak, first loves and personal growth.